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"I have been suffering from chronic pain for several years due to multiple surgeries. I finally found a place that understands how to treat pain and help me get back my quality of life. The entire staff is loving and caring and treat you with the upmost respect and care." - Justin Michael

Evidence-Based Treatment

At Dynamic Therapy, we use treatment methods that have been researched and proven to be effective, combined with the clinical expertise of our staff and the patient's values to formulate a unique treatment plan.

Advanced Equipment

One of our goals is to help you reach your therapy goals in a timely manner. Our clinics have advanced therapeutic equipment to aid in the efficiency of your recovery.

Therapeutic Atmosphere

Our clinics are designed to provide you with safe and comfortable places to embark on your healing journey.

Providing over 19 years of compassionate care

Most of us have chosen this profession for a reason, and we are here to help. We want you to be able to work and walk without pain. We want your children to play, to walk, smile and communicate with their friends and family.  All 19 years of Dynamic have been devoted to helping patients reach their maximum potential.

Helping Morristown one patient at a time

Fostering community is important to us. The Dynamic staff is committed to helping patients feel confident in taking on their daily activities so that they can participate in their communities. One of the major benefits of receiving therapy is returning to what you love doing. Through our patient-centered treatment approach, we aim to build trusting, one-of-a-kind relationships with everyone who enters our clinics.

Good Faith Estimate

If you are uninsured or plan to receive services without submitting the claims to your insurance company, our facility will provide you with a "good faith estimate" of the charges for your treatment. Ask for a paper or email copy of the estimate. The good faith estimate is not a bill.

Services at Morristown

Here are the services available at Morristown. Schedule an appointment to get started today.

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Our Morristown Team

You are in good hands with these folks. They are committed to providing you with the best evidence-based care.

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