Work in an inclusive environment with great people
Establish long-term relationships with the community through your work
Enjoy the benefits of working in a small clinic setting

"Working here has been so fulfilling. In our facility, we only see one patient at a time. I love that Dynamic is family-oriented and that patients treat us as a family as well. I love how Dynamic values professional growth and skills by pushing you to attend continuing education." - Nina

Serve The Community

You will be making an impact on Morristown and Maryville communities by being a part of our team. We provide free screenings for our balance program for the community. We sponsor high school sports and help high school students shadow our employees to explore the rehabilitation professions. Helping our patients gain independence will help their families function better as a whole and help make the world more navigable for them.

Build Relationships

Team members are a workplace's most valuable assets. As a team, we will listen to your needs, communicate effectively, and consistently show gratitude. Your time and work with us will not be overlooked. Below are some specialties about Dynamic that help our relationship-building goals become more achievable.

  • Small clinic setting
  • Relaxed and productive atmosphere
  • Open space for honesty and accountability

Build Your Career

Dynamic Therapy will help you reach your goals as a therapist and continue your education on the subjects that interest you. Our company invests in advanced educational opportunities for all employees. In addition to reaching your professional goals, Dynamic Therapy will help you enrich your technical and interpersonal skills so that you can build your reputation as a valued therapist. Apply today to get started.

Our Values


We value every individual who comes into our clinics. We treat their conditions with the utmost care and understanding.


When you sign on to the Dynamic team, you become part of a family. Regardless of your race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion, you will be a valued and respected member of our team.


We develop and maintain relationships that make positive difference in our clients' lives.

Good Citizenship

We are good citizens in the communities we live in and work.


We adhere to the code of conduct of our professional organizations and follow CMS regulations.


We believe that professionalism is key to building trust, respect, and a lasting reputation within the workplace.

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