Fall Prevention Clinic

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Avoid Falls and Fractures

Have you fallen or are you afraid of falling? You are not alone. Our specialized team can evaluate you and determine if you are at risk of falling. They will make suggestions to improve your safety and reduce your risk of tripping or falling.

One out of four adults over 65 years or older fall every year.

Many falls can be prevented by following a few guidelines and recommendations.

One out of five falls can cause serious injury. These injuries can make it difficult for people to carry out everyday tasks and live on their own. Falling once doubles your chances of falling again, so when it happens, it is best to contact a physical therapist to receive immediate care and to learn about various prevention strategies. Living in fear of falling will cause a hindrance to how you function in your day-to-day life.

Reasons why people are at risk of falling:

It is important to learn about what causes falls so that you can lower your risk of falling. If you think any of these reasons have contributed to your history of falling, schedule an appointment with a Dynamic physical therapist to help you prevent re-injury.

What should I expect?

At your appointment, our therapists will do the following four tests for balance screenings:

1. ABC Confidence Questionnaire
2. TUG (Timed Up and Go)
3. Functional Reach Test
4. 4-Stage Balance Test

The exercise programs following your balance screening will focus on strength, flexibility, and dynamic balance training. You and your therapist will discuss any potential lifestyle changes that will help address your risk of falling.

At Dynamic, we believe that therapy is one of the most efficient ways to return to what you love doing. Schedule an appointment today to get started.

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